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Will Lemay Stay?

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Where ever the Lewiston Maineiacs end up next season. Has Adrien Lemay earned one of the three twenty year old spots that are available?

He has singly won some games for the team. The most recent came in Friday’s win against the Gatineau Olympiques where he had 40 saves in the 2-1 victory.

First who’s eligible as a twenty year old next season. First is Boston’s fifth round selection in the 2007 draft, Denis Reul. Most teams don’t hang onto a twenty year old European player. With the depth at D, I believe this is Reul’s last season in the organization.

That brings us to Patrick Cusack. I believe he will start the season with the team. Depends how the season pans out, he can stay to lead the group to a playoff birth or b e an asset come the trade deadline.

Another defenseman that will be a twenty year old is Sean Stagles. He was brought in to score from the blue line and hasn’t really done that. his days are numbered I believe.

Matt Bourdeau will be the only twenty year old forward. It will be tough for him to make it next year. He gives it his all but the lack of offensive production that he has had in his junior career is a con.

The team could also bring an overager through trade to bring some veteran experience.

My gut feeling is Lemay will be with the club next year and platoon with Peter Delmas. I can’t see the club going with a Delmas-Connely combo.

One thing is the club will be looking for a goaltender for the future at the upcoming draft. It will allow the potential pick to play Junior A for a year before coming the potential starter in 2010-2011 season when Delmas moves on to the pro game. It’s also a strong possibility that Delmas will be in the Q as a twenty year old.

That’s My Take

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The New Rules Popped Up at the ABC

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Last night the new rules came to play early on.  It was tough for me to tell on the kneeing call on Danick Paquette because I watched the game on Telus.  Just reading the thoughts from Maineiacs fans and Ed Harding, they didn’t like the call.  Fans say it was incidental contact, even though Paquette was looking to check the guy.

What has me wandering is why did David Savard get the game misconduct?  All he did was defend a teammate.  Coming into the game he just had 46 career penalty minutes.  This is his third season.  He’ll be suspended now because instigated a fight which shouldn’t been called because of the player that he dropped the gloves with.  Danick knew a Moncton player would come to the defense of Matt Eagles.

Hopefully the QMJHL smartens up soon because these rules will hurt them in the long run.  The Rimouski Oceanic and the second QMJHL club will be at a serious disadvantage at the Memorial Cup.  I watched the highlights of the Windsor Spitfires-London Knights game from last night.  They both have heavyweights that will drop the gloves.  Both teams could be in Rimouski to represent the Ontario Hockey League.  The Western Hockey League prides itself on physical play.

Onto the game itself, Nicola Riopel is a very good goalie.  He’s showing why he was a first round selection in the 2005 QMJHL Draft.  It has taken a couple of seasons to get this point but in his defense, he was on some weak teams.  Last year he was pretty good on a team that only won 21 games.

Moncton’s powerplay looked very good last night.  They know how to move the puck around.  In the first period, I thought Brandon Gormley was a little tentative on shooting the puck.  He made the safe play by passing the puck to a teammate.  When he did fire the puck, it came out of a cannon.  He will be a good one for the next few years in the QMJHL.

Lewiston is still is rusty on the offense.  Right now there’s no go to guy that they can count on.  Maybe that will change when Maxime Gratchev returns from New York Islanders camp.  Still this team will need someone else also.  Will it be Danick Paquette?  Who knows because the way Paquette plays.  You don’t to put the pressure on the young guys right away.

How about the special teams?  The penalty kill looked good in the first but the Wildcats had a field day when the Maineiacs went down two men.  Tom Michalik took a stupid penalty and Sean Stagles also committed a penalty.  That turned the game around.  What if one penalty was called?  It would be a different game and I believe it wouldn’t take the wind out of the Maineiacs sails.

It will be interesting how this team bounces back on Sunday against the Victoriaville Tigres.

2008-09: Season Six

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This is the sixth season of MAINEiacs hockey now. Six. Seems like yesterday when then GM Norm Gosselin of the then Sherbrooke Castors unveiled the new team name and logo at a press conference in February of 2003. That day, which was officially day one of Lewiston QMJHL history, seems in some ways like yesterday, and an eternity at the same time. For a team some league fans dubbed the next Plattsburgh ( a Q team in NY that folded after 17 games), the MAINEiacs are doing quite well. Lewy’s dealt with the bumps and bruises quite well over the years.

It’s that time of the year where the media pundits around the league are scrambling around making their predicitions of where teams are going to end up. Looking around the league messageboards, most fans have their team at the top or in better positions than what will likely be the case. Coaches are going on record that they are going to be competitive, the games all have to be played, it’s not over ’til it’s over, and yadda, yadda, yadda… all the typical media shmooze that fans want to hear and read about. You won’t see or hear a GM or a coach get in front of the microphone and say, “Oh yeah, we’re going to suck this year and don’t bother to pay to see this crap,” although some fans are going to look at their clubs come December and wish there was truth in advertising. (see also: Maple Leafs, Toronto; perpetual rebuilding)

Here is some truth in advertising for the 2008-09 version of the Lewiston MAINEiacs: Just watch.

I know, some of you are thinking, ‘Just watch? What in the H-E-double hockey sticks are you talking about, just watch ?!?!” No, really…watch, and watch closely.

The cornerstones of the future run are here. D Garrett Clarke, C Michael Chaput & LW Etienne Brodeur are more knowns as first round picks, but keep an eye G Jonathan Connely. From more than a couple of sources outside of the team, Connely may prove to be the best goaltender taken in the 2008 draft, despite falling all the way to late in the 5th round. Watch C Steeven Jacques, who could prove to be the late round gem in the new class. While newly drafted Slovakian C Filip Janosik was a little slow out of the gate in camp, expect his comfort level to improve the more acclimated he gets with the country and the language.

The questions out of the gate are numerous. Here are my top 5:

  1. Danick Paquette: Will the 18 year-old captain be able to keep his composure and stay out of the penalty box?
  2. Peter Delmas: With Jonathan Bernier gone, will the second round draft pick of the Colorado Avalanche emerge to be a bonafide top goalie in the league?
  3. Team toughness: With Brett Gallant saying thanks but no thanks, just how physically vulnerable are the MAINEiacs? Grit is certainly with this team, but is grit enough?
  4. Ed Harding: With only 5 players remaining from the 2007 championship club, this is essentially Harding’s team now. Does he have the right players in order to respond to his coaching style?
  5. Sean Stagles: With 19 year-old rookies a rarity in the league, will Stagles be able to get adjusted to the speed of the Q and make a solid contribution as a puck moving defenseman?

Make no bones about it, I love the way this club sets up for this year and beyond. While we’ll hear the typical ‘We compete to win it all every year’ line from Harding, reality is this is the year of the Rimouski Oceanic andn Quebec Remparts. Pending on where Lewiston finishes in March will dictate how far they go before running into one of those two buzzsaws in the postseason. The club in it’s present form is very capable of finishing second in the Telus Central. The Drummondville Voltigeurs may start fairly strong and be second come December, but after they sell off the newly acquired Yannick Riendeau among other older assets, I expect the traditional post-Christmas fade. The Victoriaville Tigres will be, well, not very good, and is a strong bet to finish last in the division. The Shawinigan Cataractes -should- finish at the top, but stranger things have happened in forty years of disappointment in the Saint Maurice river region.

Buckle your season belts and get ready… this is going to be a fun season.