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The Rumor Mill

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I would say it’s that time of the year but isn’t alway this time of the year with this team?  There are two prominent trade rumors involving the Lewiston Maineiacs.

The first one involves Garrett Clarke heading to the Halifax Mooseheads.  Now I first heard this rumor in late April.  I knew nothing but Clarke name heading to Halifax.  Talking with a few people, it seems Clarke was unhappy in Lewiston and the team was unhappy about his play.

Willy Pavalov of the Halifax Chronicle is reporting one aspect of the information I’ve been told.   

It seems Clarke, 17, wasn’t happy in Lewiston and asked for a trade at the end of the season. A former Windsor area resident, Clarke’s preferred destination was obviously Halifax.

Now a 19 year old forward and a seventh round pick doesn’t seem a whole lot in return for a former first rounder and a potential first rounder in the 2011 NHL draft?  The only problem is the Maineiacs have no leverage in the deal.  If all accounts are correct, Clarke asked to be traded and his value goes down.

The Maineiacs are taking the Bill Belichick school of thought and not commenting on the situation, unless a trade has been made. 

The second trade rumor involves Danick Paquette, Patrick Cusack, Dominic Savoie, and Peter Delmas heading to the Remparts.  RDS first reported it today.  I think everyone believes Paquette is a gone from the Lewiston Maineiacs.

I find this rumor very intriguing in the whole Patrick Roy taking a position with the Colorado Avalanche saga.  My thought is he might not be getting the job, yet.   With Delmas’ struggles last season wouldn’t the Avalanche want Roy to work with him one on one all year long?  I also think Roy can keep Paquette in line.  Maybe Ray Bourque takes an assistant coaches position to learn the ropes this season.  The Denver Post reported Bourque will take Roy’s coaching duties in Quebec.

Bourque has held an assistant coaching job when his sons, Chris and Ryan, were at Cushing Academy.  I believe he was also a consultant to the Bruins coaching staff a few years ago.

By the way, the Remparts would send defenseman Samuel Carrier and forward Sébastien Trudeau the Maineiacs way.  High draft picks would be also involved according to RDS.

Carrier had four goals and five assists in 56 games as a 16-year-old.  Trudeau, a 17-year-old, had 19 goals and 22 assists in 68 games.  This would be a good rebuilding move for the team.  Okay, the stats don’t jump out, but these were young kids on an experience Remparts squad.  They were at the bottom of the depth chart which means less ice time.  If they come to Lewiston, there will be more ice time and the stats should jump up.

15 days.  That’s when the draft takes place and deals can happen.

Update: As I just finished this post, I notice Justin Pelletier is reporting the deal is confirmed involving Paquette, Delmas, Cusack and Savoie.

That’s My Take

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Paquette’s 1st AHL Fight

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For those who haven’t seen it, here it is:

The Second Season Starts

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Now it’s a date with the top team in the QMJHL. Two years ago the Maineiacs were in the Voltigeurs shoes. There are still three guys on the President’s Cup winning team. Danick Paquette, Patrick Cusack, and Peter Delmas were all apart of the team. I believe Alexander Beaton practiced with the team during the run.

Hopefully the three players will lead the way because they been in Drummondville’s shoes. They could probably relate what Drummondville is thinking on the facing the 16th seed.

Even though Lewiston lost against Chicoutimi on Sunday. It was great to see the team responded after the first period. They have confidence now if they get in a little hole or the calls aren’t going their way, to fight back and get back into the contest.

They still have to play a good game and not take the bad penalties. You need to limit the Voltigeurs chances on the man advantage because they convert about 33 percent of the time.

Peter Delmas needs to play like he did on Sunday. I was surprised how he stepped it up but he has been playing well since Don MacAdam became the bench boss. Whoever is in the net, they will need to steals the wins because the Maineiacs doesn’t have the fire power to outscore Drummondville in a 6-5 game

No matter what happens, hopefully the team can build off from this series for next season.

That’s My Take

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MAINEiacs Change The Top

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It was 5:30 pm Monday afternoon. I was sitting down to dinner with my wife and daughters when my cell phone rings. “Ed Harding was just fired” was the words out of the caller. Needless to say I abruptly excused myself from the table to get more information. At the end of the call, I realized that life was not going to be normal for a few days as others have called to talk about the change starting almost immediately after I ended the call. News spreads fast around town, and this news was too hot not to talk about. The emotion displayed to me by some was pretty incredible.

I want to be right out front with my comments here and say that Ed Harding is a very good hockey man. He didn’t work his way into the situation he did for nothing. I praised the man for the trades he worked at the draft in Sydney last June. Any general  manager who walks out of the first round with two of the best players (Garrett Clarke, Michael Chaput) and the best 17 year old available (Etienne Brodeur) certainly deserves a solid pat on the back. The deal that sent Kevin Marshall to the Quebec Remparts will go down as the trade that started the run for the next championship, and Harding deserves full credit for that. His last significant deal that sent Michael Ward to Cape Breton for Samuel Finn puzzled me a little thinking Harding could have got a little more from Screaming Eagles GM Mario Durocher out of that, in the design of an additional top-5 round pick other than the 5th rounder in 2010. Outside of that, Harding the GM really did a solid job in doing what needed to be done. While some have voiced frustration that Danick Paquette and Peter Delmas weren’t dealt, I will politely remind those that 18 year olds are worth more as 19 year olds, especially good ones. Harding was right in holding onto both as year is everything in junior hockey.

As a coach, the record stands for itself. Despite having great young talent to work with, it appeared at the onset of the season that the talent was handcuffed from the start in a defensive system that was better used with the talent in 2004-05 than 2008-09. Perhaps even Harding underestimated just how good the young horses he had in the stable. The bottom line is that the players just weren’t buying into what he was selling them. The last 11 games have been very trying on everyone in the organization and the Nation as no one likes to see long losing streaks, unless you are the Rimouski Oceanic tanking out to select Sidney Crosby with the top pick in the draft. You can’t fire 22 players as easily as you can the man at the top.

Long before the dismissal of Harding word was around of how players were frustrated with the way they were being treated for various reasons. The telling quote of the situation by MAINEiacs President & Governor Matt McKnight that was printed in Lewiston Sun Journal in a column by Justin Pelletier was this: “It’s about looking into the players’ eyes. A change needed to happen. It appeared that the players didn’t seem to have any fun coming to the rink anymore.” At the junior level, this is more fun for the players than it is a business for 95% of them, and it has to be presented that way. Enough said.

In comes Don MacAdam of whom brings in a tidal wave of low expectations and a ‘show me what you can do’ attitude to loosen up not only the players but the entire organization. MacAdam has already brought smiles and humor back to the forefront, and ‘fun’ will certainly be an adjective that will get more use. For a team that is 14-32, ‘fun’ is all it is about at this stage, and try to assemble some wins down the stretch.

It was announced that MacAdam would coach the remainder of the year and then re-evaluate the future after the season was over, and that is the fair way to approach the situation. Coaching changes in mid-season aren’t the most graceful positions to be in. Regardless of the reasons that the previous coach that was fired, there is a learning curve in this case for MacAdam to get to know the players, the organization, as well as the fans to make that determination of a longer term deal. It’s important for the organization to see results from MacAdam and see that he would be a good fit for the future plans. In this case of the state of the club, taking time and evaluating itself without haste is the right way to proceed. Rest assured that come draft day in June, this club will have a GM and head coach in place at the draft table.

As for the team, all the players are now starting with a clean slate. With a different man at the helm who is a tried and true teaching coach, the way one player has been playing could be a totally different player come March. It’s time to wipe our own slates in ourminds of what players used to play like and give it a few games to watch the new systems emerge.

Sit back, fire up the webcast this weekend or get over to the Flagship Cinema in Auburn and watch the hometown boys turn it around. ‘Fun’ is back, and so am I.

Paquette and Chaput are Representing the MAINEiacs

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Danick Paquette and Michael Chaput will be representing the Lewiston Maineiacs on the big stage.  Paquette will be replacing Logan MacMillan on the QMJHL roster for the ADT Canada-Russia ChallengeEd Harding made a call to the League, to get him on the roster.

“I made a couple of phone calls.  I was disappointed that he was not selected at first.  I voiced my opinion, very professionally, and said you have very good players here.  If it gets down and dirty with the Russian Team, you want someone like Danick Paquette out there helping you out,” said Harding.

Ed Harding stressed it’s an honor for everyone involved.

“The League called me up, and asked if was okay. I said is it okay? It’s an honor for Danick; it’s an honor for the Lewiston Maineiacs to have him represent us at that ADT Challenge.”

Michael Chaput will be joining the 29 players that are under 17 at Hockey Quebec’s evaluation camp in late November.  Out of the 30 players, only 22 will be selected to go to the World Under-17 Challenge in Port Alberni, British Columbia.  The tournament begins on December 29th to January 4th.

Ed doesn’t want to focus on Chaput statistics but see what he does against players his own age.

“He’s 16-years old; this is older men’s league, he’s done very well.  I don’t think you can look at the stats at this level (QMJHL).  Let’s see how he does against kids his own age.  The time we will be able to judge Chaput is after Christmas and as 17-year-old and as a 18-year-old,” said Harding.

His experience at the QMJHL level will do him wonders at the evaluation camp. “He’s going to be really good there. He has received a lot of ice time here and playing in all situations. He has gained a lot at the Major Junior level.”

Team Atlantic should announce their roster in a week or two where it’s expected Garrett Clarke will be named to the roster.   Maineiacs fourth round pick in 2008, Travis Moore, could also be named as he has 6 goals and 12 assists in 21 games with the Truro Bearcats of the MJAHL.

Stephan Hoyl Helps Canada East to Win Bronze

In Camrose, Alberta, Maineiacs 8th round pick in 2007, had goal and three assists in four games at the World Junior A Challenge.  He had three assists in the Bronze Medal game.  Team USA won Gold as they defeated Canada West 7-1.

Back on the Bus

Alexandre Picard was put on waivers late last weekend by the Columbus Blue Jackets and has cleared waivers.  He joins the Syracuse Crunch of the American Hockey League.  In other AHL news, Eric Castonguay was recalled to the Lowell Devils.  He was leading the Trenton Devils with five goals and nine assists in 10 contests.  The Binghamton Senators have released Pierre-Luc Faubert from his Professional Tryout Contract.  Faubert didn’t suit up for the Baby Sens.  He rejoins the Elmira Jackals of the ECHL where he has two goals and five helpers in ten games.

(Nathan also started “The World of Junior Hockey Blog” and is a contributor to the Maine Hockey Journal His email is

Paquette Heating Up

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It was a strong weekend for Danick Paquette as he had five goals in the split.  Is this a start of something for Paquette?  For the first month of the season, you didn’t know how long he will be in the game.  Over the weekend his intensity didn’t go down because he took a penalty or two that he shouldn’t have taken.

It’s not what you want from your Captain but that’s his style of play.  He will never change the way he plays because that what got him drafted.  That’s what the Atlanta Thrashers want to see him to annoy the other teammate.

Hopefully Paquette continues too have his strong play.

It’s November

In retail, once Halloween passes, stores start getting ready for Christmas.  In the QMJHL, trade rumors start popping up.  One hit the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles message board today

“I heard a rumor at Sunday’s game of an xmas deal that has all been confirmed and just waiting for the trade window to open the supposed deal would see Lewiston sending Dannik Paquette, Michael Ward and a draft pick(no word on what round) to Cape Breton in return for Mathieu Brodeur and Phillipe Fontaine.

Im guessing there is some fine print in there somewhere that Lewiston will send CB something on daft day or close to it in return for their 1st round pick.

If the deal does happen it’ll be much like last year with when Clendenning came here, Dannik will have to bury the hatchet with a lot of boys in that room as well as fans in the stands.

Like I pointed out this is still just a RUMOR but what are peoples views on it “

This rumor is very unlikely from the MAINEiacs point of view because it’s not what Lewiston is looking for in return.  Brodeur is a good player but our defense looks solid for the next few years.  If I was the General Manager of the team, I would look to add forwards and a high draft pick.

From a public relations stand point, it would be a nightmare trading a fan favorite and the captain.  Ed Harding won’t factor public relations into a trade offer.

On the other hand fore the Screaming Eagles, they are going for it this season.  Adding another all around forward and a two way defenseman will make them that much better.  Will they be willing to give up part of the farm system to get these two players is the question?

Other Tidbits

It’s nice to read that Mark Just is willing to buy Wendell Young’s share of the team.  In the Sun Journal Sunday it was reported that Young wants to sell his share of the club.

Pierre-Luc Faubert has signed a Professional Tryout Contract with the Binghamton Senators today.  He has 2 goals and 5 assists in 8 games with the Elmira Jackals of the ECHL.

The Neponset Valley River Rats which have Zach Phillips and Zach Shannon on the roster are ranked 10th in the latest Under 18 Major Midget National Rankings.  Phillips was second round selection and Shannon was a third round selection.  Later this month, there prep season will begin.  They are attending Lawrence Academy in Massachusetts.

Impertinent thoughts on pertinent subjects

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With respect to long time Hockey News columnist Stan Fischler…

Tom Michalik’s departure by the MAINEiacs this week comes as really no suprise, but what was a little surprising was the public statement issued by GM & Head Coach Ed Harding. “It really was a competition between our 8 defensemen. When you have a 20 year old who gets paid a high salary, that player needs to be in the top 4. In the end, it was a business decision.” Harding said via a MAINEiacs press release.  A business decision?  Really?

A hockey decision I can see and agree with completely. When a team has a younger player or players that play a more solid all around game than their elders, they most certainly deserve a spot in the line up. Not only do they deserve to play, but they deserve the minutes for the efforts and work ethic they exhibit during practice and in game situations. Age or years of service shouldn’t play a factor of whether or not a player sees the ice. Looking at it from that standpoint, Michalik’s spot in the line up was taking away from the development of Dany Coulombe who shows more potential upside at the age of 17 than what Michalik was displaying on the ice this season as a 20. It’s really just that simple.

Dollars and cents for player contracts in the Q really just mean spending money when it is all said and done. The league mandated salary for overage players is around $500 a week. For Harding to call the decision to release Michalik based on business is a little silly. In the end, what Michalik brought to the table just couldn’t justify his existence on the team as a 20, and in fairness to Harding, he gave him plenty of opportunities to make his case.

I’d like to wish the best of luck to Tom and his family. While in some cases it is sad that it had to end this way, where one door closes, another opens and better things await for the young man down the road. Thanks to Tom for his contribution in the championship run, and for doing the best he could. In the end, that is all that can be asked for.

Danick Paquette’s scrap Friday night with Cape Breton’s Mathieu Brodeur was of little surprise, and has to be a cause for concern here moving forward. Justified or not, getting into a battle in the first period while behind 2-0 really wasn’t the smartest decision to make for the 18 year old captain. There again it exposes an achillies heel for the MAINEiacs from the void of the departure of Brett Gallant and the lack of a suitable replacement.

In fairness to Paquette, he’s got to stand up for himself and not be a pushover, but needs to look at the clock and the situation. This incident exposes a fine line that luckily wasn’t crossed this time as Paquette and Brodeur were willing combatants and there was no fines or suspensions levied in the altercation. Looking at Rimouski’s Patrice Cormier who was just suspended by the league two games for taking a simple swipe at a Baie-Comeau Drakkar player last Saturday, one wonders when, not if, the MAINEiacs will be paying out fines and dealing with the loss of the team captain from the line up for an emotional lapse in judgement. Lewiston is a much better team with Paquette in the line up. Paquette can score goals while out on the ice and be an active contributor to the score sheet and in winning games. One feat in the game of hockey that has yet to be accomplished is that of scoring legitimate goals from the penalty box and/or the stands.

With Drummondville on tap for a pair this weekend in an home / at home series, the agitation brought forth by the gritty Voltigeurs will be on full display to get Paquette into trouble. The question will be who will step up in the MAINEiacs line up to deflect some of the attention away from Paquette, and if Danick will be able to remain cool under pressure. This is going to be tough to watch this season unless either Danick skates away from trouble, or Harding finds that player that can protect him as well as finding another way to contribute to the team on a nightly basis. Wins and losses depend on it at this point, and the MAINEiacs have a better chance of winning night after night if Paquette stays on the ice for the presenting of the three stars.

Looking ahead to next week, the MAINEiacs have announced plans for the 2nd annual Breast Cancer Awareness Night on Saturday, October 18 against the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies. The organization will be honoring those who have won, lost, or are battling breast cancer.

Death rates from breast cancer have been declining steadily since 1990, but it remains the second leading cause of death in women. The Lewiston MAINEiacs will be doing their part to help find a cure by auctioning off a one of a kind team signed goalie mask. The goalie mask, designed by Tim Lafrance of East Coast Sign and Design, will be worn by MAINEiacs’ goaltender Peter Delmas during warm-ups and then awarded to the highest bidder in a silent auction during the game.

Other fundraising initiatives to take place during the game will include the MAINEiacs Chuck-A-Puck and Liberty Mutual 50/50 raffle. In addition to the goalie mask, the MAINEiacs will be using custom pink hockey sticks throughout the game. Fans can purchase raffle tickets to win one of the 20 sticks up for the drawing. Also, donations can be made at the MAINEiacs Fan Shop to hang a pink ribbon at the store front. All proceeds from the many fundraising opportunities will go to the American Cancer Society in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

In honor of the fight against breast cancer, MAINEiacs staff and coaches will be wearing pink lapel ribbons for Saturday’s game and the MAINEiacs players will be wearing pink ribbon stickers on their helmets.

To purchase tickets to this special game, contact my good friend Rita Renaud of the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” team. A portion of the ticket proceeds will go to support the American Cancer Society. She can be reached via email at or by telephone at Mid-Coast Hospital in Brunswick (207) 373-6540.