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The 2008 Draft

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What a difference a year makes.  Last off-season the talk was the draft would be one of the best in team history.

Overall, the future looks bright for this team. When you add the likes of Zack Phillips and Zach Shannon who were the second and third round picks respectively, we could be looking at 2012 to make a run. They will make a brief appearance to training camp before heading to Lawrence Academy in Massachusetts.

That’s from one of my posts after the draft last year. It was a dissappointing year you can say.

I also had a poll and the results looked like this:

Results of How Do You Rate Lewiston’s Draft?

A-12 votes 60%
B- 3 votes 15%
C- 1 vote 5%
D- 0 votes 0%
F- 4 votes 20%

Garrett Clark had the most hype coming into the season. He played at the pretigious Shattuck-St. Mary’s and was North Dakota’s youngest recruit. For a 16-year-old defenseman, you don’t expect them to put up numbers. At the same time, nine points and taking bad penalties aren’t going to cut it.

Michael Chaput season was loss to a injury. There was a lot of hype and people were saying he was better then Stefan Chaput. He should be back and show his talent this season.

In the post I linked above, I said Etienne Brodeur would have the biggest impact last season. He won it almost by default. He had 10 goals and 22 assists in all 68 games.

We expected Zach Phillips, Zach Shannon, and Travis Moore to play somewhere else in 2008 and come to town this season.

Phillips and Moore expressed the NCAA route. Phillips committed to UMass Amherst during the uncertainity of the franchise. Basically, it was his way to say I want to be traded because he has signed with Saint John.

I know some fans aren’t too pleased we traded away three of our first six picks in 2008 but talking to Don MacAdam last week he want players who want to be here. He want draft picks to come in and force Roger and himself to keep them on the team.

The 6’3 netminder is ready to come in to challenge for the number selection.

“I don’t want to come in there and make any enemies, but I really want to go in there and battle for the No. 1 job,” Kennedy said to the Sun Journal.

“We wouldn’t want a guy come in with any other attitude then that,” says MacAdam on Kennedy’s comment.

This a new era for the team. No matter how good or hyped a player is, if he doesn’t want to be here, bring someone in that does.

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Boston doesn’t sign Reul

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The Boston Herald is reporting the Boston Bruins won’t be signing Denis Reul.  The Bruins had until today to sign the 2007 5th round selection.  He will be eligible to enter the 2009 NHL Draft which will be held on June 26th-27.

Eric Gelinas did very well at the combine from all reports.  He finished in the top ten in two categories.

Pull strength top 10

1. Kyle Palmieri, Notre Dame, 309
2. Kenny Ryan, Boston College, 296
3. John Moore, Colorado College, 286
4. Josh Birkholz, Minnesota, 281
5. William Wrenn, Denver, 280
6. Jordan Caron, QMJHL, 279
7. Victor Hedman, Sweden, 276
8. Eric Gelinas, QMJHL, 269
9. Corban Knight, North Dakota, 267
10. Nick Leddy, Minnesota, 263

Fatigue index

1. Brayden McNabb, WHL, 37.1
2. Burke Gallimore, WHL, 39.0
3. Kenny Ryan, Boston College, 39.9
4. Taylor Beck, OHL, 40.4
5. Nazem Kadri, OHL, 40.7
6. Drew Shore, Denver, 40.8
7. Cassidy Mappin, WHL, 40.8
8. Mike Lee, Roseau and SCSU, 41.0
9. Mac Bennett, Michigan, 41.1
10. Eric Gelinas, QMJHL, 42.3

In other news, Samuel Carrier, who’s apart of the proposed deal with Quebec, will tryout for Canada’s Under-18 team.   Garrett Clarke who appears to heading to Halifax isn’t invited. The team will play in the Ivan Hlinka Tournament in August.  It’s the same tournament Jonathan Bernier won his Under-18 Gold Medal in his draft year.

Hockey Canada also announced the summer World Junior Camp roster.  No Lewiston Maineiacs are invited eight QMJHL players have been invited including Luke Adam, a Buffalo Sabres prospect.

Paul Byron who played for the Gatineau Olympiques, has signed with Buffalo Sabres.  Chances are he could be in Portland next season.