Is it time for another change?

Since the Maineiacs have moved to Lewiston, their has been some many playoff formats, I have lost count. With the new divisions, I think another playoff format should be enforced. I am thinking a twelve team format should be implemented.

I don’t want why the QMJHL sees any good for a team like Drummondville to play Lewiston. The boys worked hard to to get that last playoff selection. I am not taking away their efforts. The system is showing its flaws.

I know upsets happen but I can’t see none of the bottom half of the league giving Drummondville a run for their money.

The only reason why there’s 16 teams so teams can get more revenue. The only reason why we won’t see any changes to the current playoff format.

Now my format would be just like the NFL’s. The division winners get a bye. Telus West and Telus Central will be one side of the bracket and Telus East and the Atlantic the other side of the bracket. That will keep travel costs down.

Here how it would of looked liked using the 2008-209 standings..


5. Shawinigan (2nd in the league)
6. Cape Breton
7. Rimouski
8. Montréal
9. Saint John
10. Victoriaville
11. Rouyn-Noranda
12. PEI

Now the first round match ups.

Telus West and Central
Shawinigan vs. Rouyn-Noranda
Montreal vs. Victoriaville

Telus East and Atlantic
Cape Breton vs. PEI
Rimouski vs. Saint John

2nd round would look something like this

Drummondville vs. Montreal
Gatineau vs. Shawinigan

Moncton vs. Rimouski
Quebec vs. Cape Breton

3rd round
Drummondville vs. Shawingan
Quebec vs. Moncton


Drummondville vs. Quebec

Now you can tweak it to the top four teams get the bye and/or reseed after each round. There are always flaws in any system you use but I feel this is the most competitive format.

That’s My Take

(Nathan also started “The World of Junior Hockey Blog” and is a contributor to the Maine Hockey Journal. His email is


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