News and Notes

Adrien Lemay’s performance on Friday night was spectacular. Stopping 66 shots is no easy task. Add on top of that the league’s top offense.

The way it ended left a sour taste in my mouth. A great game like ended anticlimactic with the penalty shot. I thought Lewiston’s defenseman was trying to regain his balance.

Yes, the net came off its moorings but it wasn’t intentional. The referees saw it a different way and called it by the letter of the law.

I was lucky enough to see two great goalie performances this week. Along Lemay’s efforts, Skowhegan’s Jimmy Quirion made 59 saves in the 11-0 lost to Bangor. Yes it was blowout on paper, but if it wasn’t for him the game would of been 25-0. Going into the third, it was only 4-0.

I like to see goals but when a goalie is in the zone, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. In Lewiston, we had the pleasure to watch Jaroslav Halak, Jonathan Bernier, and Peter Delmas.

They have giving up some great performances in the past six years. I will miss the great saves like Jonathan Bernier gave us a few years back.

Jonathan Paiement got the game winning goal against the Portland Pirates yesterday.

Alexander Picard has cleared waivers and was sent back to the Syracuse Crunch.


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