The Goal

With the recent rumors of this team, Danick Paquette was able to generate another topic around the water cooler. His shootout winning goal was the “Youtube Goal” that the NHL was looking for during the “Breakaway Challenge” on Saturday night.

He has no fear and that’s what I like about him. When he was asked if he would use that move if the team was down 1-0, he didn’t even have to think about it.

“Oh yeah, I would do the same move,” Paquette said. “I don’t put pressured on me, I go there and have fun and try to score for the win.”

“After practice we practice shootouts. I practiced this move a lot,” Paquette says.

I asked Head Coach Don MacAdam if he has seen Paquette pull that move off.

“No,” laughed Lewiston’s Head Coach Don MacAdam. “What a great goal.”

Okay, coach is still new so Peter Delmas should know if Paquette has used that move, right?

No, I don’t think so, said Peter Delmas if he was asked if he seen the move. “Well he’s lying.” Delmas was glad to see the team get the win.

MacAdam gives credit to Paquette’s skill on that move. “This is a skill league at time and we have a skill player like Danick and and a skill player like Max and they are capable in doing those things,” MacAdam said after the game.

That’s My Take

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One Response to “The Goal”

  1. way to go danick that was a sick goal. hope to see many more goals and fights while the team is in lewiston and when you move on to nhl.

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