The MacAdam Era Begins

The Lewiston MAINEiacs under new Head Coach Don MacAdam start the rest of the 2008-09 campaign tonight in the heart of the Abitibi Region in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. While the team awoke to a temperature of -35 F this morning in the city that the Huskies call home, the spirit of the MAINEiacs is much warmer than it has been in some time.

It’s a time to start over.

In discussions with several who are near or intimately involved in the organization, the whole tone has changed. There is solid hope here, not only to salvage a season, but to re-establish and straighten out careers. Pratices have been spirited, players are smiling, and the stress level has decreased considerably. For a club with a 14-32 record, there is nothing left to lose at this point… and everything to gain.

Twenty-two games remain in the season. For some players who have had less than desirable seasons to this point, that is plenty of time to turn it around. It’s a clean slate, a time for players to audition themselves in front of MacAdam. Errors of the past mean nothing at this point, where as attutide and work ethic moving forward means everything.  Where some players were handcuffed in the previous coach’s systems could rise to the top now and light the lamp with earnest. Where one player acted indiciplined and selfish could be the best team guy from here on out. Take all previous thoughts of the players and erase them from your mind. Give it ten games or so and watch a new team emerge before passing judgement

As been seen in MAINEiacs teams of the past, this is the time of year traditionally where the club gets fired up, and the stage is set for that to happen. A new coach, a more relaxed environment, nothing left to play for but pride, going up against teams down the stretch that have a lot riding the rest of the way.

I said it at the begining of the year, I’ll say it again. This team talent wise can match up against any of the clubs in the league. Forget the 14-32 record. The record that is most important is the one that starts tonight in Rouyn-Noranda. The Huskies have just unloaded their top veterans in the winter trade period despite leading the Telus West Division, and it makes them an opponent ripe for the MAINEiacs to pick. Val-d’Or is the next stop on Saturday, and the Foreurs have unloaded as well. It is totally conceivable that the team bus could roll into the Androscoggin Bank Colisee Sunday morning and the team has a two game winning streak heading into a 5 game homestand.

The time for negativity is over for now. It’s time to rally around the team and get ready for the most exciting hockey of the season. Enjoy it.

Mike Haggett


3 Responses to “The MacAdam Era Begins”

  1. Norm Dubois Says:

    What a beautiful way to start the MacAdam era. The transition has already brought a positive result to the team with its winning streak, albeit just two games, but also coming on the road. How quickly a system and attitudes can change. The fun is back in the game. Let,s all get back and support the team for the remainder of the season. Go MAINEiacs. “Up and (Mac) Adam”.

  2. Norm Dubois Says:

    In regards to the question of not having enough support for the team (organization) what they need is better marketing. There’s obviously plenty of supply (tickets), but there is also plenty of demand. It just hasn’t been pursued enough. There are plenty of people and businesses in the communities that haven’t been reached. Season ticket sales could certainly accelerate through better marketing (meetings, functions, drives etc.) It’s like the old saying: “You don’t demand respect, you gain it). Don’t do it just to do it, do it for Just and all of the communities.

  3. Norm is right, if you not making the money you want don’t just get up and go; get better people to run your company it’s ‘JUST’ money. lower ticket price’s fill the place if people are there they are gona buy stuff and the more people are gona get the players pumped up maybe they will win a couple games, fights something instead of looking like a class c hockey team with only 2 lines and one goalie. sorry that 2000 loyal fans were not good enough for you mr.just should have run it better maybe you could have had enough money for food for the team while you folow up in your vet

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