Reul’s Hit

“I am the only one that hasn’t seen the hit,” said Ed Harding after the game on Tuesday night.

Well coach, here’s the Denis Reul’s hit on Angelo Esposito.

Is it a penalty? Yes no question and everyone that I spoke with agree. What I don’t agree with the five minute major and the game misconduct he received.

Esposito knew Denis Reul was coming.  He appeared he wanted to turn at the last second but didn’t.  He knew if he went face first into the glass, a penalty would be called.  It’s like Manu Ginobili of the San Antoinio Spurs who flops to draw a foul.  The least he could of done was go in shoulder first to protect himself better.

Now to Pierre McGuire who has the biggest red and white shades in the world (I don’t know how he can see the game with those things on).  He mentioned that Reul was going to pay when Montreal plays Lewiston.  Pierre, have you seen this video clip of Frederick Roy on Vincent Bourgeois of the Montreal Juniors?

If the Juniors can’t stand up to a teammate on the same ice, I highly doubt they will go after Reul for a hit at the World Junior Championships.  I could be wrong because Esposito is the golden boy of the team.  Bourgeois only has a goal and ten assists while Esposito has 15 goals for a total of 27 points.  Lewiston plays at Montreal on January 10th.  The two teams face off at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee on January 24th.

That’s My Take

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2 Responses to “Reul’s Hit”

  1. Norm Dubois Says:

    MAINEiac acting like a maniac. That is exactly what comes to mind when watching Denis Reul”s hit on Angelo Esposito. It shows the total lack of discipline. Hitting from behind and getting a five minute boarding major penalty and game misconduct. How can you win many games when you get too many penalties, especially stupid ones? I remember reading that the coach had said after the second regular season game that it was anacceptable to get too many penalties in a game. Well, nothing has changed, the penalties are the most constant part of their game. I guess the only discipline they know is when they are sent to the penalty box.

  2. Theres no crying in hockey. yup it was from behind he was wroung but why don’t he hit like that in lewiston, we need a maineiac norm the can’t stay ahead for long and have been not playing well. they need some energy, smile remember its a game have some fun and kick some a$$ already if you cant win the game win the fights so they fear us not a ez win make them earn it ,and stay in the net peter go maineiacs

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