Q & A with Jonathan Bernier

I got a chance to speak with Jonathan Bernier after the Portland Pirates-Manchester Monarchs game on Tuesday in Orono.  The Portland Pirates defeated the Monarchs 4-3 in shootout.  Bernier was the back-up goaltender for the game.

Nathan Fournier: How’s your season going so far this season?

Jonathan Bernier: It’s good.  We are splitting games between Quickie (Jonathan Quick) and I. We got to keep working.

Nathan Fournier: What has Los Angeles wanted you to work on?

Jonathan Bernier: Just work on my game.  They wanted me to be consistent every game and work hard in practice.

Nathan Fournier: Has Los Angeles giving you a timetable when they might call you up?

Jonathan Bernier: No, like I said before I just need to keep working hard and good things will happen.

Nathan Fournier: How has living from a host family to becoming a professional?

Jonathan Bernier: It’s pretty nice.  It’s nice doing your own thing.  But at the same time it was fun living with a host family.

Nathan Fournier: Fewer restrictions on you now as compared living with a host family?

Jonathan Bernier: (Laughs) Yes.

Nathan Fournier: What’s the difference in lifestyle between Lewiston and Manchester?

Jonathan Bernier: It’s a bigger city (Manchester).  It’s hard compare the hockey because it’s professional.  The city is pretty nice.  It’s hard to compare because I lived in Maine for four years and I liked it.

In other alumni news, according to Elitprospects.com, Vladislav Balaz  has left  KH Sanok (Polish League) to return to Slovakia for personal reasons.  In five games he had a goal and an assist.

Nathan also started “The World of Junior Hockey Blog” and is a contributor to the Maine Hockey Journal His email is fourniern@students.nescom.edu.)


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