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9:50am: I am at Maineiacs practice right now.  Talk about some news.  Peter Delmas appears to injured himself.

9:53am: Delmas got up on his own power.  He was bent over while skating to center ice to join his teammates for stretches.  Coach Harding is talking about the history of hockey in Portland I think? He then went back to the drawing board.  Delmas is back in net.

10:01am:  The team is working powerplay  offense.  It’s just the five men on the powerplay.   They have 30 seconds to score.

10:04am:  They now have defenseman on the ice and they are keep score.  The home team is winning 2-1.  I can’t tell who’s who.

10:11am:  Now they are working on penalty kill.

10:13am: Going back what I said the other day abot Eric Gelinas being the next Kevin Marshall on this team, he’s Kevin Marshall as they doing a mock of the Quebec’s powerplay.

10:25am:  Everyone is working on something different right now.    Some are working on passing drills, others are working in the offensive zone, and are working on shooting drills.

10:36am: Serval players have gone int the locker room.  There are ten players on the ice.  All the guys on the ice are working on shootout moves.

10:45am:  I think Danick Paquette just went Owen Nolan on Jonathan Connelly.  Paquette did miss though.

10:48am: I don’t know who but a playeris firing pucks into the open cage.  He has at least 20 pucks.

10:55am: Well practice is over.  We are eight hours away from the game at the Cumberland County Civic Cener.

That’s My Take

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