Paquette Heating Up

It was a strong weekend for Danick Paquette as he had five goals in the split.  Is this a start of something for Paquette?  For the first month of the season, you didn’t know how long he will be in the game.  Over the weekend his intensity didn’t go down because he took a penalty or two that he shouldn’t have taken.

It’s not what you want from your Captain but that’s his style of play.  He will never change the way he plays because that what got him drafted.  That’s what the Atlanta Thrashers want to see him to annoy the other teammate.

Hopefully Paquette continues too have his strong play.

It’s November

In retail, once Halloween passes, stores start getting ready for Christmas.  In the QMJHL, trade rumors start popping up.  One hit the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles message board today

“I heard a rumor at Sunday’s game of an xmas deal that has all been confirmed and just waiting for the trade window to open the supposed deal would see Lewiston sending Dannik Paquette, Michael Ward and a draft pick(no word on what round) to Cape Breton in return for Mathieu Brodeur and Phillipe Fontaine.

Im guessing there is some fine print in there somewhere that Lewiston will send CB something on daft day or close to it in return for their 1st round pick.

If the deal does happen it’ll be much like last year with when Clendenning came here, Dannik will have to bury the hatchet with a lot of boys in that room as well as fans in the stands.

Like I pointed out this is still just a RUMOR but what are peoples views on it “

This rumor is very unlikely from the MAINEiacs point of view because it’s not what Lewiston is looking for in return.  Brodeur is a good player but our defense looks solid for the next few years.  If I was the General Manager of the team, I would look to add forwards and a high draft pick.

From a public relations stand point, it would be a nightmare trading a fan favorite and the captain.  Ed Harding won’t factor public relations into a trade offer.

On the other hand fore the Screaming Eagles, they are going for it this season.  Adding another all around forward and a two way defenseman will make them that much better.  Will they be willing to give up part of the farm system to get these two players is the question?

Other Tidbits

It’s nice to read that Mark Just is willing to buy Wendell Young’s share of the team.  In the Sun Journal Sunday it was reported that Young wants to sell his share of the club.

Pierre-Luc Faubert has signed a Professional Tryout Contract with the Binghamton Senators today.  He has 2 goals and 5 assists in 8 games with the Elmira Jackals of the ECHL.

The Neponset Valley River Rats which have Zach Phillips and Zach Shannon on the roster are ranked 10th in the latest Under 18 Major Midget National Rankings.  Phillips was second round selection and Shannon was a third round selection.  Later this month, there prep season will begin.  They are attending Lawrence Academy in Massachusetts.


One Response to “Paquette Heating Up”

  1. Why even waste your brain juice reporting on stupid rumors from the message boards…no matter how fascinatingly bizarre they are? Just like Lewy do not need a Brodeur, CB do not need a Paquette. These message board guys are sillier than me, and most have the IQ of a salamander in hibernation.

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