What’s Happening?

(This was written before the win over the Mooseheads.)

Where do you want to start, Lewiston playing shorthanded for most of the game? What about Peter Delmas struggling?  How about Cape Breton’s explosive offense?

The biggest Achilles heel for the Lewiston Maineiacs so far this season has been the lack of discipline on the ice.  It starts with the captains.  It doesn’t help when your leader is back in the locker room before the first period has ended.  I don’t want him to play less physical but he can’t force someone into a fight.  This team needs him to put the puck in the net.

Michael Ward and Patrick Cusack needs to settle down because they are more valueable on the ice then off.  I don’t know what exactly happened to Cusack to warrant that penalty on Saturday night but the entire lost their cool.  It started with Ed Harding yelling at the referees.  That affected the team because LaBelle lost his cool when he got his penalty.

Last night we saw Garrett Clarke’s mean side to him.  He brought energy to the team.  He did the right thing when he got into it with Jan Piskacek the fist time by skating away.  The second time the two met, he let his emotions get the best of him.  Denis Reul did the smart thing by calming Clarke down when he (Clarke) went to the box.  Hopefully Clarke has learned his lesson.

I expected for Peter Delmas to struggle when he came back to the QMJHL because just faced NHL caliber talent.  He has been overcompensating and he still thinks he’s at NHL camp.  Jonathan Bernier struggled last year for a few weeks after coming from Los Angeles.    One thing I have notice with Delmas he’s giving up juicy rebounds and the opponents are cashing in.   Most of those rebounds happen when the team is on the penalty kill.  I want to look on the bright side and just give him more time.

Everyone who follows this league on a daily basis knew how good Olivier Roy is.  Coming into the season, I thought he would have to steal a few games for the Screaming Eagles.  This weekend, Cape Breton proved me wrong.  They have great offensive depth and it could get stronger because Joey Haddad could comeback.  He’s with the Wilkes Barre/Scranton Penguins right now.  If he does comeback we could be talking about the Screaming Eagles as one of the other QMJHL Team in the Memorial Cup.

That’s My Take

(Nathan also started “The World of Junior Hockey Blog” and is a contributor to the Maine Hockey Journal His email is fourniern@students.nescom.edu.)


One Response to “What’s Happening?”

  1. Norm Dubois Says:

    A total lack of discipline. Too many stupid penalties. They’re playing like they’re shorthanded all the time. Don’t make it happen literally. Leaders need to lead by example. Play like a MAINEiac, not a maniac.

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